A few words about the Nuva brand


Nuva – a new Polish brand for child use articles. It was created by chance, but nothing what happened next happened by chance. Fascination with a child’s world which is wonderfully intuitive, seemingly simple and at the same time so complex, changing one’s perspective, joyful and knowing no compromise allowed to create projects one of its kind.

Everything is top quality here. The Nuva products are sewn in single copies from the best, original materials with the greatest care for every detail. It is not an industrial production or even a low volume manufacture. Each of our products is the only one and unique.

We offer high quality products and outstanding patterns from which you can compose freely. You can design your own blanket, pillow or pouf only with us. You choose colours and patterns. We sew for you with diligence and the greatest care for every detail.

Nuva means the highest quality products for the most demanding customers.

To create your own unique project, please click the product you choose and then click “+” at fabrics. A list of available fabrics will open from which you can choose patterns and colours. Next confirm your order and then follow rules of ordering ready products.

We believe that in the Fastfashion world you and your child deserve products that last longer than one season. A favourite blanket or a teddy bear will keep their colour and beauty after many washes. Nuva are highest quality projects for the most demanding customers.