“Forest Friends” or a story of a trip


One day when cuddly toys were seated on a shelf in the workshop, they asked their creator why they came into being, what was the reason of making them?
“I have sewn big red hearts in you”, said the creator, “you were created to be loved and hugged, you came into being to bring joy and smile to children.”

When they stayed alone, Richard the fox who had a great and brave but somewhat reckless heart said:
“I am fed up with waiting. Let’s find home for us by ourselves. Let’s go for a trip. There must be children somewhere who will love us!”

So they went. They went through a playground where they found no children, they went through a ravine and reached a forest.

They walked for a long time. Though they had big hearts and were very willing to follow their plan, they had short paws and got tired.
“We are lost for sure”, said Ernest the bunny, “the path is hardly visible now and the forest is getting thicker and thicker.”
Theophil the bear hugged Ernest.
“Don’t worry, Erni”, he said, “me and Rich will climb a tree to see where we are.”

They climbed as high as they could. But all they could see was as a huge forest.
“Wolves are going to eat us”, Ernest started to whimper, “my paws hurt, I cannot keep wandering anymore.”
They sat on a bough to have some rest and think what to do next.
“We need to go back”, said Theophil, “it is getting darker and colder and the sun is almost down.”
They nodded sadly, rubbed their paws and started to return.

They walked and walked, but their hike didn’t seem to have an end.
“We must be lost”, said the bear, “we passed this grove an hour ago.”
Rich, not wondering for long, started to climb a tree to find their path.
“I will climb high,” he cried out, “and will see where the creator’s home is and where we are supposed to go! Don’t worry, we will get back before the dusk!”

“You are climbing too high!”, cried Theophil, “Rich, come down, it is dangerous!”
But it was too late for warnings, his paw slipped and he hung from a trunk. Dangling loosely, he cried loud: “Friends, help me!”
Regardless of the risk, the bear started to climb the tree.
Puffing and leaning on a thin bough, he managed to release the fox from branches that entangled in his fur.

Finally, after a long struggle both got to the ground, tired and nervous, shaking maybe because of cold or maybe because of the effort.
“We need to set a fire and get warm”, said Ernest, “we cannot keep on walking in this state.”
Rich and Theophil agreed gladly. They gathered brushwood and started a small bonfire.
“What shall we do next?” sighed Ernest.
They were sitting under a tree, the fire went out long time before. It began to go dark and the plush toys realised they won’t reach the return path home before the night.
“We must think about our sleep”, said the bear, “we cannot walk in the dark because will get lost even more.”
“Maybe if we get lost in being lost, we will find the path!” shouted the fox.

Rich’s cry drew yet someone else’s attention to them. They heard barking and saw some movement in the bush.
“Oh no! This must be a wild animal that will devour us.” the rabbit said sadly.

In the meantime, a dog ran from a grove and there was a girl after him who cried:
“Bruno, stop! What have you found there?” The girl asked her dog which was just sniffing the tree under which the plush toys sat.
“Fox, bear and rabbit! What are you doing here in this dark forest?” The girl could not stop wondering about this find.
“I will take you home, you are all wet from the evening dew. It is good that Bruno has found you.”

And so this way Rich the fox, Theophil the bear and Ernest the rabbit found their home and a child that loved them. They lived happily ever after with the girl and Bruno. They all slept in one bed and there was never love and warmth missing in their lives.

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